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Remote Distant Healing

Remote Distant Healing

Remote Distant Healing Session



There is no difference in a phone healing or in person versus the remote distant healing as far as the outcome. Some people just prefer that connection with me over the phone or in person


There is absolutely nothing you have to do to prepare for a healing with me.

This is the procedure for a remote distant healing session and over the phone session. After signing up for the services you will send me a very current picture of yourself. It's very important that the picture that you send me is "only" of yourself. It's also very important that you give me a picture where your eyes are looking directly into the camera with no glasses on. Looking at your eyes directly is how I connect with your energy. You will also give me a list of all the issues you want me to work on. That includes emotional and physical. Please think about your list for a couple days to make sure you give me all the information at once.  Wherever you decide to give me this information whether it be by email, text or Facebook Messenger it all has to be sent to me from the same area. Example, please do not send me your picture by email and your issues by text. Once I have the information I will verify that I received it. Time frame of your healing depends on my workload. The usual time frame is somewhere between  2 and 6 days. After your healing is completed, I will write to you and let you know, then you will write me back and tell me how you're feeling.

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