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Who I Am and What I Do

My Background


My Name is Cato and i was raised in the beautiful country side of Norway. 

Going thru life i never believed in anything supernatural or out of the ordinary so if you can relate to that then thrust me i know what you might feel. Out of the blue we had a family member with a severe medical emergency, we where worried and desperate so i was willing to stretch the line of my belief system and try energy healing, i looked up and down to find someone who seem legit and skillful in the field and that is how i came to meet a very talented lady by the name of April Fontana. 

April once told me Cato did you know that there isn't anything i can do that you cant do, we are very much the same trust me i checked. I paused, laughed a little then i told her yeah right.. Needless to say im not laughing anymore. April became one of my closest friends but past away very sudden from us and left a very empty space for so many.

April has now found joy and is guiding me from the other side for me to fully step into my calling as a healer and medium.

My goal is to heal as many as i possibly can in this lifetime and to ease suffering be it physical, emotional or psychological. My success rate is extremely high and i strongly believe its due to law of attraction, whoever are meant to find me will so if you landed on my page by chance or referrals you were meant to do so!

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