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Spiritual session: Bilde

Guidance Session 

NB! Spiritual guidance sessions are temporarily closed until further notice. 

Im at a stage where i have to prioritise my energy, so to keep the waiting time down on healing sessions i've decided to not take anymore readings for now. 

Getting to know your spirit guides is just an amazing awakening!

They are your personal 24/7 support team that knows you extremely well.

There sole purpose is to guide and support you and by doing so you will grow and expand, thats what its all about. They can guide you in life's ups and downs and at the same time help you achieve your goals.

Your happiness and well being is and always will be there top priority.

This can be the most beautiful and powerful life coach experience you'll ever encounter since the guidance is given to you specifically and not for a broad audience. 

Bookings can be done below.

After booking has been made i will contact you by email to set up a time and date for our talk. This is usually done over messenger or WhatsApp.

Spiritual session: Tekst

Cancellation Policy:

24 hour notice required; Full fee will be charged for sessions cancelled without 24-hour notice.

Spiritual session: Tekst
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