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Grace is my newest service and im very excited to bring this to you 🧖🏼🪄🧖🏻‍♀️

There's a staff that is directly linked to heaven, im now capable of manifest this staff in the non physical where all my healings take place. This staff holds the power and grace of a thousand angels, and are directly linked to the ether at the very gateway to heaven.

This was presented to me some time ago but for various reasons the timing wasn't right to bring this out to the public, the right time is now and im ready to channel the staff of heaven to bring you healing, inner peace, forgiveness of self, others and self love. In many cases this will bring great physical healing at the same time.

You have to understand that regardless what you been through, what you've done or others have done to you it all serves a purpose no matter how hard that is to hear and accept sometimes.

- Diamonds are always formed under preasure!

Im very excited and happy being able to offer this in what seems to be a peak in human history of confusion and suffering.

Do you feel called and ready to let go and receive? If yes, then im ready to bring it to you.

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