Source Of Life - For everyone

Source Of Life - For everyone

        instant pain relief with Source Of Life



There may be various reasons to want a temporarily pain reduction, this can be:

(1) in wait of your body to accept a healing if your not an instant case and need 1-3 days for your body to fully accept and process the healing work done.

(2)You might be in a lot of pain and need pain reduction fast

(3) Your at the last stages of your life here on Earth and simply desire painrealife and peace. It can be various reasons to choose this device.


What will transpire is that im capable of opening portals and take passengers with me, i will take you a long for the ride and travel to The Lake Of Life, it is located in the outer reach of starsystem Aildora.

After we arrive i will sit by the lake and wait for you while you take a swim in this magical water under the beautiful cosmos of Aildora, after i will inject you with Source Of Life, then take you back home. You will be totally unaware of this happening since im only able to take the higher you(your energy body/soul on the trip) and you will be fully present and alert the hole time as you normally are.


What Source Of Life really does is help you tune into your energy body more than your physical one, there is no pain and suffering in our energy body so by making the connection more solid you are able to tune more into it and experience pain relief.

Typically the effect lasts anywhere between 24-72h and it can run out gradually or instantly, it all depends on the person.