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Single Issue Quick Fix Healing

Single Issue Quick Fix Healing

Do you have one single issue that are bothering you today? then this is the perfect option for you. Single issue quick fixes are normally done very fast and within 24 h but usually much sooner than that. You will simply get a short reply once im done. Please take note that this is intended for minor problems ONLY, i do not work on issues like brain damage, heart problems, cancers, tumors, accidents, cosmetic work, psychological work and so on. Also please take note that viruses and diseases along with other full body exposures will need a regular session since a full body light up is crucial in those cases.

Quick fixes are intended for typical things as: pain in one shoulder, knee, tooth, hip, a spot in the spine, migraine, a numb arm, finger, stomach cramps , anxiety, nervousness and so on. Also be aware that this is not a complete healing session with a full body light up and body scan. NB: It`s important that you send me your picture where i can see your eyes clearly pointing straight at the camera with no glasses on. Are you a regulare? then i have your picture on file and i would only need to know what you want me to work on.

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