Face And Body Lift -  For everyone

Face And Body Lift - For everyone

Spiritual plastic surgery


Why go through painful and costly surgeries and injections when there is another way.

No pain, no recovery time and no artificial substances. The Ancestral healing chamber is complimentary after the procedure, simply to help your body accept the changes and the new reality and to help you heal and rejuvenate.

For this service i ask for understanding that i can not do your whole body in one round, this procedure takes great dedication, focus and energy. I will typically do face, eyes and possibly neck, or arms and stomach. I will also feel how much your body can process under the procedure and once your body says stop so do i. Any more changes done after that will not give desired results anyway, we all have our limits to how much we can process at a time and how we process.
Some people can stand in front of the mirror and see their face change instantly while others need a little more time, it is completly natural.