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Being a clairvoyant medium offers a sea of possibilities when it comes to who i can communicate with.

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Fairy Sessions

Do you believe in fairy tales? If the answer is no then you should, because they believe in you.

What if i told you that quite a few fairy tales have some truth to them, yes i know what you might think it is pretty wild right? 

It is perfectly okey and also very understandable to be skeptical, it is a useful talent that protects us from let downs and other potential bad situations for us. However the only thing i keep telling the sceptics on this subject is don't ask me if you don't want your mind awakened.

My purpose is not to shaken anyonce belief system it is simply to guide the once that already know that there must be more out there, or if you are just intrigued about the idea and want to know more.  Not everyone is ready for the truth and we all need to have love, respect and understanding for other peoples choices and way of life.

Fairies is maybe one of the most famous middle earthlings due to movies and stories, all i can say is they are just DELIGHTFUL little souls! They bring light energy, fun,games and love to our lives. It is a very nice source to pick yourself up from a bad day, raise your vibrations and just overall get a wonderful addition to your life, they are basically our biggest team of cheerleaders.

What to expect?

My sole purpose with these sessions is to spread some joy, fun and light into your life. We all need it in the heavy energy and challenges we may encounter now a days.

Im able to find names on Fairies, gnomes, leprechauns etc.. That are attached to you and help you have a fun conversation with them, and for them to share what they want to share with you, they are DELIGHTFUL :)

I will also share some funny moments with my little friends.

By doing regular sessions with me expect to get your vibrations raised, start seeing sparkles, glitters, flybuys and so on.

Continued sessions will most likely end in you seeing them clear as day! This can happen fast for someone while others not, it's just a part of a delightful journey and they will make them selves known when your absolutely ready for it.

Bookings can be done below.

After booking has been made i will contact you by email to set up a time and date for our talk. This is usually done over messenger or skype.

Lets have some fun, thats what its all about! 

Cancellation Policy

  • 24 hour notice required; Full fee will be charged for sessions cancelled without 24-hour notice.


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